Sohni Mahiwal Story in English – Folk Love Stories

Sohni Mahiwal Story in English – Folk Love Stories

Sonhi – Mahiwal Strory in English:

The tragic story of Sohni – Mahiwal by sovereign Abdul Latif Bhittai tells the story of 2 taboo lovers United Nations agency would do something to be along. It begins with Sohni, and her sad wedding. Sohni looked out over the shining waters of the stream. The last remnants of the sun danced off the surface as she waited. She had to attend till it had been fully dark. If her husband caught her then it’d all be over for her. She would ne’er be able to see the person that she really worshipped once more. She was surprised once her husband loud to her from the house. She ran back with in trying with longing over her shoulder to the house across the stream.

Sohni Mahiwal Story in English – Folk Love Stories

The facade of affection was straightforward to stay up, although she detested her husband. She same the proper things and created the right faces till he was asleep and so she go away on the journey that she made each single night. She took a hard baked, ceramic ware pitcher, similar to the one she wont to embellish for her father before she had been forced to marry that frightful man. As she swam across the stream, exploitation the pot to stay her afloat, she thought of Mahiwal.

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She remembered the primary time that they had met, once he came to Gujran for the primary time. He bought her ceramic ware pots on a daily basis, with great care he may see her. rather than returning to his home he set to remain with Sonhi. the 2 began a romance and that they thought that they might be happy along for the remainder of their lives. however it had been to not be, she wasn’t allowed to marry an outsider so she had terminated up married to a personthat she despised so. On her day she had thought that was the top for her and Mahiwal,

however he decided to be along with her. His name was Izzat Baig then, however he relinquished his previous life i.e. wealthy monger of Bukhara, Asian country and emotional into a hut across the stream from Sohni’s house wherever he began social buffalo. nightly since then, that they had met beneath the quilt of darkness to precise their love. however Sohni and Mahiwal weren’t careful enough and shortly rumours began to unfold.

Her sister in law, angry concerning their secret affair, crept into the place wherever Sohni  unbroken her ceramic ware pot associate degreed replaced it with an unbaked one. Mahiwal was observance her cross from the opposite aspect of the stream once he saw the pot dissolve beneath her. He couldn’t merely stand by and watch his true love drown thus he dived into the stream to save lots of her however it wasn’t to be. the 2 taboo lovers visited rest along for eternity and also the bottom of the stream. Their bodies are buried in Shahdadpur and is often visited by young lovers.


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