Megan Mullally
Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally Is formally Hosting the SAG Awards

In 2019, the SAG Awards can celebrate AN exciting benchmark: its twenty fifth year! To celebrate the occasion, producer Kathy Connell has electoral a really special girl because the evening’s hostess: the one, the only, Megan Mullally. “We ar delighted to possess the proficient, heat and funny Megan Mullally to host the SAG Awards Silver day of remembrance,” Connell commented in an officer promulgation. “This may be a terribly special year, and that we ar all wanting forward to a unforgettable show.”

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Mullally has been fully killing it late, particularly once it involves the beloved resuscitate of NBC’s can & Grace. (We could or might not be hoping for a few quite can & Grace shenanigans throughout the ceremony, sue us!) however Mullally is such a lot over the sensible star behind the enduring Karenic Walker, and that we cannot wait to ascertain what she has up her sleeve. “As a annoyed casting director and full-on fangirl of nice actors everyplace, i am over the moon to be a district of the SAG Awards twenty fifth day of remembrance,” Mullally same. Grab the spirits, honey, as a result of we’re able to do up, get drunk, and pass out . . . some trophies.

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