The Gift of the Magi

In “The Gift of the Magi,” How are Jim and Della the Magi in this story?

In “The Gift of the Magi,” Jim and Della area unit representative of the Magi. The Magi  area unit the 3 kings that visited the Christ kid and gave the final word gifts as so much as giving worries.

Jim and Della area unit thought of the Magi as a result of they gave one another the final word gift. Della sold her most prized possession–her hair–to purchase Jim a atomic number 78 chain for his watch. Jim sold his most prized possession–his watch–to  purchase Della precious combs for her stunning, long hair.

In this style of giving, the author considers Jim and Della the Magi. They created the final word sacrifice one for the opposite. nobody has given additional. Jim and Della area unit thought of the Magi as a result of they sacrificed their most prized possessions one for the opposite.

Della planned to form her gift merit somebody like Jim:

“Many a contented hour she had spent designing for one thing nice for him. one thing fine and rare and sterling—something simply a bit bit as regards to being merit the hon our of being in hand by Jim.”


Selling her hair is that the final sacrifice. Jim idolised Della’s long hair. Della compound along with her hair so as to convey Jim a worthy gift. This giving compares to the giving of the Magi to the Christ kid. No larger giving is recorded.

Jim values his spouse over he values his watch. His love for his spouse goes on the far side materialism. Jim clearly values his young spouse over his gold watch. He sells his watch to shop for her a collection of lovely, jewel-edged tortoiseshell combs for her long hair.

Jim honors his spouse higher than his own happiness. He provides the final word gift once he sells his watch to shop for her the combs for her stunning hair. because the author states, Jim and Della area unit the Magi:

But in an exceedingly last word to the wise of those days let it’s same that of all UN agency provide gifts these 2were the wisest. Of all UN agency provide and receive gifts, like they’re wisest. everyplace they’re wisest. they’rethe magi.


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