How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

15 iconic Hollywood appearance then vs now

on the off hazard that we make use of the expression ‘Hollywood hunk’, what names are the first to ring a bell? dwayne ‘the rock’ johnson? arnold Schwarzenegger? sylvester Stallone? to offer some examples of immaculate precedents. in any case, these have been hunks of their wonderful days. how would you observed they have matured today?

Hollywood these days, we have arranged a rundown of on-display characters who had been once viewed because of the hunks of Hollywood and the way they matured and look today. do regardless they workout and keep up there as soon as greek god-like bodily make-ups? or however, have they given age a danger to purpose widespread damage and permit themselves proceed to make the most of their later years?

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jean Claude van damme

he turned into a standout among Hollywood’s most outstanding hunks of the overdue 80s till the mid-2000s. he turned into regarded for doing his own hints that integrated a big amount of hand at hand fighting paintings. a standout amongst his maximum tremendous works changed into ‘blood sport’ in 1988 which delivered him common notoriety and achievement. these days, jean has had the option to preserve up his unfathomable charter even at 58 years vintage.

How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This guy needs no presentation. the muscle head and powerlifter grew to become an entertainer and later the 38th governor of California became first-rate for his unbelievably robust bodily makeup. he turned into Mr. universe at two decades antique and has gained the Mr. olympia venture multiple instances. today at seventy-one years old he’s as yet dynamic and holds his well being in line.

How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

Jackie Chan

Hollywood Jackie wishes to presentation as he is a standout among the maximum unmistakable and compelling authentic to existence identities on the planet. from his younger days to even nowadays, he has shown up in extra than a hundred and fifty motion images and has a huge fan following in each the Japanese and western facets of the equator. he has been recognized to be taught and nevertheless works out to hold his health step up.
How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

Sylvester Stallone

He becomes the superstar of maximum famous film establishments during the 90s, ‘tough’ and ‘Rambo’. he becomes regarded for his hunched up appearance in ‘hard’ but whilst he flaunted his etched and tore frame in ‘Rambo: first blood element ii’ and ‘Rambo iii’, he picked up a wonderful deal of consideration. nowadays, despite everything he works out and maintains up his frame even at 72 years antique.

How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

Mel Gibson

The star of the ‘distraught max’ movies just as the first-rate ‘lethal weapon’ arrangement, Mel was no longer recognized to be a first-rate, strong person. for sure jobs, he worked out and get tore with a touch of muscle but for his ongoing films, he hit the rec middle difficult and placed on pounds of muscle. at sixty-three years of age, he looks outstanding for his age.

How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

Robert de Niro

numerous individuals could never recollect veteran on-screen person Robert de Niro as a ‘hunk’ but the entertainer placed in bulk and got destroyed for movement photographs like ‘seething bull’ wherein he performed a fighter. many could take a look at his construct in ‘seething bull’ to Stallone’s in ‘rough’. at 75 he has released himself a chunk but at the equal time maintains up his shape

How 15 iconic hollywood hunks appearance then vs now

John Travolta

This entertainer has never been recognized for being a hunk but in his surprise days, he becomes known for having a tore and destroyed the body. you can depict him as having healthy muscle and being actually adaptable. regrettably, at age sixty-five, he has lost his physical form and has launched himself a bit.


Steven Seagal

In the direction of the beginning of his vocation, Seagal becomes a lean robust on-screen character who constructed up following multiple years. he made his acting presentation in 1988 and had severe fruitful movement snap shots earlier than each one of them started out going to coordinate to-DVD. at sixty-seven years of age, he’s launched himself a ton and has put on a exquisite deal of weight.


Val Kilmer

The on-display screen character has seen numerous quite effective movies like ‘pinnacle gun’, ‘actual genius’, as Jim Morrison in ‘the doors’ and at the same time as Batman in ‘batman forever’. in every sort of movement pix, he becomes in his top shape and frame. tragically, past due years have no longer been considerate to Kilmer as he put on a big quantity of weight.


Marlon brando

Marlon brando was now not simplest a great on-screen individual he turned into a standout amongst the most appealing and properly-manufactured men of his time. in his initial days, you could without a good deal of a stretch say he had a clean searching, incredible frame. anyways, tragically, he didn’t age that well. he placed on a wonderful deal of weight and regarded almost adjusted.

How 15 iconic appearance then vs now


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