Celebration of Novruz in Azerbaijan
Celebration of Novruz in Azerbaijan

Celebration of Novruz in Azerbaijan

Novruz Holiday

Celebration of Novruz in Azerbaijan

Novruz occasion in Azerbaijan is a gala of spring, beginning of New Year. Novruz festivities are a standout amongst the most fascinating occasions with regards to this nation. Generally, Azerbaijanis begin celebrations 4 Wednesdays before 21st of March, symbolizing end of the Old year and start of the New year:

  • Su Chershenbe (Water Wednesday);
  • Odlu Chershenbe (Fire Wednesday);
  • Torpag Chershenbe (Earth Wednesday);
  • Akhyr Chershenbe (Last Wednesday).

As indicated by the customary convictions the water is reawakened on the main Wednesday: still waters come to movement; The flame renewed on the second one, the earth – on the third. On the fourth Wednesday the breeze opens tree buds and spring starts.

Novruz occasion is brimming with services and customs. Here is one, for instance. At night every family light the quantity of lights on their home’s rooftop relating to the quantity of the relatives. Everybody in the family should hop over the consuming flame saying a unique spell. After the flame ceases to exist young ladies and young fellows gather the rest of the cinder and pour it some place in the edges of the town or a street.

Emblematically cleansing flame consumes every single past disappointment, even the memory about them is erasing from the house alongside the cinder.

Agreeing another conviction, so as to locate the glad match unmarried young ladies toss ‘dark coins’, an indication of misfortune, to a water-filled container amid the daytime and in the prior night dusk they spill this water out together with the coins outside.

On “Akhyr Cheshenbe” before dim there comes the season of fortune telling. Azerbaijani young ladies and young fellows sneak to entryways of their neighbors and “caught” their discussion; at that point based on the main words they have heard they attempt to tell their fortune and supposition if their desires will work out as expected. On this day numerous families additionally tell fortunes utilizing Khafiz Shirazi book.

Among Novruz occasion functions the most critical one is the cooking of samani (wheatgrass, developed in a plate) which is an image of richness. The service of the cooking of samani is joined by stately melodies and moves.

The most recent day of the old year is viewed as a unique gala by Azerbaijanis. On the Novruz occasion eve whole family accumulate at home. For the leader of the family an uncommon tangle is laid. He says petitions; nobody is permitted to eat without his authorization. When the weapon shot sounds flagging the start of the feast, the paramour acquires milk pilau. In the event that the entryway is open on this day it implies that the host is at home. On the off chance that guests go to the house they are invited by the oldest child or the nephew of the host. The visitor is then offered rose water for hand washing and welcomed into the house. The leader of the family gives a sign and the tea is promptly served for the visitor. Such visits are paid for three days. At that point there comes the ladies’ swing to observe Novruz for seven days.

On the most recent night of the old year all relatives shower each other with water before hitting the hay “to wash off” all hardships of the old year.

At long last the occasion begins. Everybody puts on new garments and starts celebrating. No one deals with this day.

Today in Azerbaijan the official festival of Novruz occasion goes ahead March 21st. On the principal day of the New year it is a convention to rise promptly in the first part of the day. In the event that it is conceivable individuals go where water is – to a stream or a spring: wash themselves, sprinkle water on one another. Water is an image of neatness and freshness. Directly there they treat each other with desserts. On early today it is required to eat something sweet – nectar, confections or sugar. At that point it is important to smell a fragrant smoke that is the method for disposing of “detestable spirits”.

The occasion table on this day is exceptionally extraordinary. It is basic on this day to have seven dishes whose names start with the letter “s”. They are sumakh, skad (milk), sirke (vinegar), samani (aspecial millet porridge), sabzi (greens) and so forth . With the exception of the recorded dishes there ought to be a mirror, a light and a painted egg on the table. All these have a symbolical hugeness: a flame implies light or flame shielding an individual from abhorrence spirits. An egg and a mirror are symbolizing the finish of the old year and start of the primary day of the new. Azerbaijanis put the painted egg on the mirror. When the egg moves the New Year starts. Everybody sitting at the table begins wishing a glad new year to one another.

Generally speaking amid occasions the entryways are not bolted. It implies that the family is home and happy to invite visitors. Youngsters visit their companions and relatives with little sacks for occasion presents.

On the principal day of the New Year the houses ought to be lit throughout the night. Putting the light off is an awful sign.

New Year festivities are done on the thirteenth day of Novruz. On this day in the city edges are held mass gatherings with customary amusements and challenges like pony or camel races in which the two people partake. The old spring occasion – Novruz bairamy – is one of the most established and most excellent Azerbaijani customs.


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