A Cadillac CT5-V? Sounds (and Looks) Like It's Going to Happen

A Cadillac CT5-V? Sounds (and Looks) Like It’s Going to Happen | Car Review

  • Cadillac has recommended that a superior version of the new 2020 CT5 sedan is also happening.
  • The CT5-V may probably use Cadillac’s twin-turbo four.2-liter V-8, known as “Black wing.”
  • We don’t understand once the CT5-V can arrive, however we might expect to listen to additional at intervals future year about.

A Cadillac CT5-V? Sounds (and Looks) Like It's Going to Happen

UPDATE 5/3/19: New spy photos show a epitome of what could be the CT5-V, or a minimum of a higher-performance version of the 2020 CT5 sedan. The key hints embody quad exhaust tips out back and further vents within the front grille that area unit meant to extend flow of air. We’re bound that there is some kind of additional powerful engine under hood, and that we foresee to hearing  additional regarding this hotted-up CT5 as Cadillac continues development.

It’s nigh confirmed that a V version of the new Cadillac CT5 sedan is within the cards.  throughout a media presentation, Cadillac product selling director mythical being Sledziewski alluded to the concept that a superior variant of the new sedan is forth coming.He additionally aforesaid that sedans area unit a crucial a part of Cadillac’s business as a result of they permit it to continue building a name for performance-oriented vehicles just like the outgoing ATS-V and CTS-V.

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Cadillac’s V lineup is lacking in terms of product these days: the ATS-V and CTS-V over production, and therefore the V-8–powered CT6-V, that was originally planned as a V-Sport model, does not appear to possess gotten the total performance treatment like its forebears.

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While Cadillac aforesaid that it’s not able to name the potential CT5-V’s engine, the company’s Black wing twin-turbo four.2-liter V-8, that is already within the CT6-V, looks like the foremost logical selection. within the CT6-V, it makes 550 H.P. and 627 lb-ft of torsion, which might blow vehicles just like the 444-hp BMW money supply and therefore the 503-hp Mercedes-AMG C63 S out of the water.

It is also potential the CT5-V may use associate upgraded version of the twin-turbocharged three.0-liter V-6 that is already offered within the normal CT5; it makes simply 335 H.P. within the CT5, however this same engine produces 404 H.P. within the CT6, thus it’s potential that Cadillac may tune it for a superior application. we will assume that a CT5-V would  additionally take pleasure in a stiffer suspension setup, upgraded brakes, and further visual aggression to line it apart.

We look forward to hearing additional from Cadillac regarding the CT5-V once the corporate is prepared to formally acknowledge its existence within the close to future.


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