25 Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Quotes | Best Quotes Collection

Abdullah Ahmad Badaw Quotes || Best Quotes Collection

Best Abdullah Ahmad Quote could be a well-known Malaysian politician. He served as Prime Minister of Asian nation from 2003 till 2009. In 1999, the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad laid-off Anwar Abraham because the deputy Prime Minister, and appointed Abdullah as his deputy.

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Best Abdullah Ahmad Quote succeed Mahathir Mohamad as Prime Minister of Asian nation in 2003. Abdulla is understood as ‘Pak Lah’ and conjointly spoken because the “Father of Human Capital Development.” He has had a protracted public life through out that, he has spoken regarding many topics and subjects. we’ve got curated a number of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s high quotes from his speeches, interviews, writings, etc.


I believe it is an important project, it makes the cost of doing business lower and they will make us more competitive at the same time, it will also provide some satisfaction to the people who demand services for them of the quality they want and also quickly.


We have been given a role to play. We have been asked to provide, to give lectures on the role of Islamic development and the way we do it here, so the people who are Muslims there would understand what the role of Islam is.Best Abdullah Ahmad Quote


The idea is that they wouldn’t want to deal with militant Islam but an Islam and Muslims who are committed to progress, committed to development, who like peace and are moderate in their ways. So that’s what we are doing here.Best Abdullah Ahmad Quote


When she was in United States, we maintained contact, we talked to each other on the phone, almost every night. And there was one occasion I tried to fix this video conferencing but somehow it did not come out very well enough so better to talk on the phone.


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